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the reasoned doubt

María García-Ibáñez and Javier León Pérez present their works in

exclusively for Puerta Roja Gallery, curated by Pilar Cano Romero. Hong Kong 2016.

Starting from basic geometric shapes, María and Javier create an infinite, cosmic web.

They dissect the reality they observe in order to learn it and rebuild it in a calculated assembly of structures that make up their own personal language. They are based on the square as minimum unit to develop an increasingly complex code with which they project a vivid image and full motion, using repeating patterns that never end in the same result.


We speak of an interpretation of reality that manifests itself through the scale. Like the cartographer, they alter shapes and distances, in the decision of which details are the most significant.


And what are the consequences of this analysis?

New textures, removing borders, reverberation.


Through this geometrization, they create clamping membranes that transform and strengthen the space they occupy.

Here the ritual of execution for the artwork changes to suit to its own meaning, the drawing is saved for sketches and preliminary studies, to make way to a construction of human scale proportions that adds to the works the virtue of the habitable.

They are compositions that intentionally promote the confusion between perspectives, in an exercise of overlays that involves and engages the viewer.

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