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the reasoned doubt

Puerta Roja Gallery presents Anamnesis by 2 Spanish rising stars María García Ibáñez and Javier León Pérez in the second edition of Art Central, Hong Kong.


Art Central takes place on the new Central Harbourfront in a 10,000 square meter temporary

structure, the likes of which have not been seen in Hong Kong before.

This enviable location

on Victoria Harbour will make a bold statement on the Hong Kong skyline.



Anamnesis (from the Greek word ἀνάμνησις) means ‘collection’, ‘reminiscence’, ‘remembrance’. 


The term was coined by Plato in the context of “knowledge as a remembrance” or “dialogue of the soul with itself.”


Puerta Roja’s founder, Adriana Alvarez-Nichol states: “We commissioned the collaboration months ago motivated by the seeming dialogue between the works of two of our youngest but most impactful artists.

Beyond the evident connection in the painstaking techniques both artist display in their work, it was their deep concern with the process of drawing as a tool for spiritual and philosophical discovery that stirred us to bring María and Javier to work together.”


Pilar Cano Romero, curator of the exhibition notes on the artists’ collaboration: “We are privileged spectators of one of those rare phenomena where two parallel universes converge momentarily. 


We talk about the artists’ process not as a purposeful creative act or purely as an anticipator of the resulting work, but as an act of Anamnesis, the discovery of a memory that had always been there.”

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