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the reasoned doubt

Javier León Pérez (Seville 1977)

His pieces work as a resonance box that puts the spectator faced with himself, immerged in an
experience that was not announced.

Javier's work is essentially based on the development of textures. With a strong sculptural
character, the reference to the sense of touch is always present in his study of light behavior on the
The paper doesn't work anymore as base in order to become organic movement.

Based on repeating patterns found in nature, Javier investigates an order of natural geometry that, far from being generated by chaos, it follows a rule.

On his serie Vernacula Ordinationis, thousands of folded paper pieces as tiny flakes of butterfly
wings, raise up from a reticulated pattern that studies this structures through lighting games.

This investigation about the natural world and how it is built carries to Javier to his serie 28 Phases
in which he uses drawing to talk about the relationship that Earth and man have with their satellite.
The Moon undeniably exerts an extraordinary influence on the Earth and with gravity, directs the
tides. We can't forget that humans we are 75% water.

The attraction is inevitable.

All the pieces have an intense ultramar blue color as base. The two-dimensional plane shows us
as the surface of a deep sea that refracts light like a mirror, metaphor under which Javier interprets
the man's reflection and his subconscious, using the Moon as a poetic resource to answer his own
questions about shapes and its behavior.

By using the properties of the pencil, he changes the artwork's state from solid to liquid, dividing its
surface. The reflective nature of the graphite redirects light and projects it, creating an optical effect through geometric shapes that are repeated in the drawing, that force us to give a closer look in order to reestablish the concave from the convex.

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