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the reasoned doubt

María García-Ibáñez (Madrid, 1978)

The pieces that María shows us reveal a new stage on her investigation about the quotidian as
container of the extraordinary. On her Telares (looms) serie, she analyses the identity of this tactile
and cumulative structure.

She takes the remnant of time and materialises it in her representation of
the fabric, giving this way a sacred character.

They are laborious and slow pencil drawings that are built in the same way that it is woven on a
loom. The weave also begins with the warp, holded by invisible tensions that escape from the
composition and balance it. She transforms the fabric into sound, vibrant, almost abstract.

María holds a perfectly balanced dialogue between concept, drawing and method. She works
pieces that, despite being based on elements from the traditional, are formulated in a new way in
order to add conceptual and plastics values in a reflection through the graphic.

The execution process becomes indispensable part of the artwork's ultimate meaning, time and
manufacturing exert the necessary conditions that establish the final connection and make that the
drawing strength exceeds the texture of the material.

It's unavoidable to recall its realization while observing the drawings. Repeating patterns in the
attempt of appropiation of the object that represent, in an interest to learn and dissect it at the
same time she builds it. It is no longer a fabric in order to become a map of coordinates that is
useful to Maria as anchors, to orient and organize the environment. In a need for mapping, which
means nothing more that the need of learning.

From afar, we see bands of color. Verticality is interrupted by another horizontal plane, they are
levels that overlapping in a subtle glazing. But this is only the first scene.
Closing distances, we can discover that such planes are not real, the surface is conquered by
thousands of threads, strategically interweaved and tensioned to leave behind their individual
fragility, giving way to something stronger.

The consistency of a fabric capable of supporting the
rest of a body, but that retains heat and covers at the same time.

The reversible concave and convex state of the things is still very present.

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