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Lladró  handmade porcelain 

Ancla 1

Lladró is one of the most universally recognized Spanish brands synonymous with prestige, beauty and quality.

Heirs to the age-old tradition of porcelain, the brothers Juan, Jose and Vincente Lladró knew how to make it their own and to bring an art they always felt passionate about much closer to people.


Now, 60 years later, with over 4,000 retailers in 123 countries, stands the world’s biggest smallest atelier in Valencia, Spain, the place where all Lladró creations are made.

Every creation is characterized by a unique sense of style, and it is the result of a painstaking handmade process of creation, from the first sketch to the high-temperature firing at the kiln.

The end result is an artistically perfect figurine that conveys its message through a unique language.

Ancla 1
Ancla 1
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