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Used Pencil for lululemon

"Drawing on our ever-changing social scene and diverse contemporary culture I use a fine blend of intelligent thinking, creative wizardry and some common sense to create images that reflect the modern world. I emphasize beauty, highlight predicaments and poke fun at humans and their strange habits. Abstract forms transcend through line and I delicately select compositions to create pieces that grace the streets, leave a distinct mark on found objects and decorate paper in a stylized way.


Whether i draw, cut, stick or click, every piece starts in my head and is later fine-tuned using my box of tricks.

After studying Fine Art Sculpture and Illustration in the UK, I set off in search of inspiration and adventure."


Hong Kong based artist Used Pencil.







Their  vision and goals program is designed to support people in creating a life that they love. It is about defining what is authentically important for us and then setting out to make it happen. 
They care about people, about culture and art.

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